New Kinect Orchestra on BBC NEWS!!

Kinect OrchestraLast weekend I got speaking to Gareth Ritter at Willows High School in Wales. He has been a keen user of many of my Kinect Applications and like me has a passion for using the Kinect to engage students. One of my very first applications I had made for him was the Kinect Orchestra and although he was very pleased with it, we both agreed that there could be some adjustments to it.

We both agreed that students were finding it difficult to reach the top end of the screen. Some students were finding it difficult to hover in the far corners of the screen. Well more time has passed and I have learnt more about the SDK and I decided to do an update.

I released this update to Gareth early so that he could try it. He was had success with it and managed to get it running. In fact, you can see in the video below, that Gareth has been featured using technology in education on the BBC’s coverage of Michael Gove. The application is much easier to move and students don’t find themselves stretching to the edge of the screen any more. You can click on the link below to download this and you can watch the video and see the software being used.

Click here to download the new application from my sky drive

See the software being used in a lesson with Gareth Ritter

About Raymond David James Chambers

I am the Lead teacher of computing at Brooke Weston Academy in Corby Northamptonshire. Previously I was the head of IT/Computing at Uppingham Community College. In 2015 I won the Gold National Teaching award for Innovative use of technology. I also won the 2015 Young Game Bafta - Mentor award. I'm keen to help students achieve their best and like to give them opportunities to do this. I have a passion for teaching and I enjoy meeting other people and sharing their ideas. I have a keen interest in games development as well as developing the use of ICT in classrooms across the curriculum. In my spare time I teach Irish dancing. I have been Irish dancing since I was 11. My highest position was 14th at the world championships 3 years running and 2nd at the Great Britain Championships in 2006.
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