Kinect SDK Full Release!–Shout Application!

You didn’t think I missed this did you….? KinectWindows

So it’s been a week ago today since Kinect launched the Kinect for Windows! Now normally I would be one of the first to be crazy about this and I would have blogged about it straight away. The reason I decided to hold back was because I wanted to give you all a sample to work with.

The Kinect SDK V1 for windows has had multiple changes made to it since the Beta 2. The whole tracking system has changed and it has been built together so that samples are easy to drag and drop in from the tool box.

Biggest Changes

  • Tracking: – You can play around with the settings much more and it feels easier to apply smoothing to your movement. Much of the jitter appears to be gone.

  • Near Mode: – (ONLY ON WINDOWS KINECT) – Perhaps one of the most useful changes to the Kinect is that you can now start tracking things up to 40 CM close to the camera. I can see this being very useful for SEN students, however it is only available if you have the Windows Kinect.

  • Variables: – The first thing which threw me off track was the amount of changes that have occurred. Many of the video tutorials which I have used showing you how to edit the elevation angle are no longer relevant.

    (runtime.NuiCamera.ElevationAngle != (int)slider1.Value) is now

    (kinectSensorChooser1.Kinect.ElevationAngle != (int)slider1.Value)

Useful Facts

  • If you install V1 and try to download and run BETA 2 applications. They will not run. There have been too many changes and you will need to work through a lot of errors.

  • If you are considering buying a Kinect for Windows device, please weigh Kinect V1up the options and consider what you will be using it for. If you want to use it on your Xbox and your Windows machine you will be disappointed. The Kinect for Windows device does not run on the Xbox 360. (I have tried this myself as I am lucky enough to have one of the new devices).

  • Xbox 360 Kinect will run with the new SDK, however you will not be able to carry out near mode on it. There have been some changes in the hardware which allow this.

Over the coming weeks, I will start to develop some Kinect V1 applications from the original applications which have been developed. I hope to include functionality on all of them so that they run with V1 of the SDK.

Kinect SDK V1–Water Cycle


I recently had the pleasure of working with Shout Learning and I have been implementing some applications into Lodge Park Technology College. These applications would help teach students about the water cycle. You can preview the video below. This original application has now been adapted so that it can run with the full version of the SDK. You can download this application here with the source. The source should be helpful to some of you programming with the SDK V1 for the first time.

Click here to download the sample application – All future applications will be available to download from the Microsoft Partners In Learning Network. Sign up with your live ID and get access to materials by searching for the Kinect or the K-Team.

One useful source of information when building your own applications would definitely have to be the channel 9 MSDN website. I found out so much useful information from them and they taught me how to fix my skeletal tracking. They even give you samples to work with. Click here to find your way to the guide.

About Raymond David James Chambers

I am the Lead teacher of computing at Brooke Weston Academy in Corby Northamptonshire. Previously I was the head of IT/Computing at Uppingham Community College. In 2015 I won the Gold National Teaching award for Innovative use of technology. I also won the 2015 Young Game Bafta - Mentor award. I'm keen to help students achieve their best and like to give them opportunities to do this. I have a passion for teaching and I enjoy meeting other people and sharing their ideas. I have a keen interest in games development as well as developing the use of ICT in classrooms across the curriculum. In my spare time I teach Irish dancing. I have been Irish dancing since I was 11. My highest position was 14th at the world championships 3 years running and 2nd at the Great Britain Championships in 2006.
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4 Responses to Kinect SDK Full Release!–Shout Application!

  1. Craig says:

    Hi Ray. Been following your blog for some time. I am a HoD over in Gloucester, and loving your input on developing Kinect programs for education. I have two questions.

    1) Any idea where I purchase a Kinect for Windows, currently can only find it on US sites.

    2) Would you have any objections to me linking to your site from my blog?


    • raychambers says:

      Hi there, I have no objections what so ever :). I must say, I am only lucky to have a Windows device because I was helping with the testing stages of the product. You might be able to get it through and change the shipping address. I have heard of some people who have done that?

      • Craig Sargent says:

        Saw that on, will try it. Hope they become available soon over here! Having great fun getting back to grips with C#. Your tutorials have been on great help, have several ideas for Kinnect projects for my classroom.

        P.S. Have linked your site from my blog, many thanks!

  2. Gary says:

    Hi Ray. Been following your blog for some time. Nice to have someone put so much effort for teaching others about Kinect Developments.

    I just have some enquiries, by saying “Near Mode – ONLY ON WINDOWS KINECT” do you mean that the near work isn’t working with my old Kinect eventhough I upgraded it’s driver to SDK V1?

    And is there any other advantage by upgrading to Kinect SDK V1? Because I prefer not to modify my codes.

    Thanks and Regards,

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