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Grade Cam – Multiple Choice

Quite often we forget that when we question our students, we can actually get a lot of value and a lot of discussion points from multiple choice questions. Using multiple choice questions can actually support your students learning in many … Continue reading

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12th Day of Christmas–Periscope

Hi Guys, I decided that I wanted a day off from blogging. I decided to catch up with friends yesterday and I went to visit a friend. Today’s tip is about a tool that you can use the night before … Continue reading

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4th Day of Christmas–Teaching Tips– Office Mix–Record your lessons

On the 4th day of Christmas, a teacher gave to me! Tips on using Office Mix with your students. Doesn’t have a ring to it does it? Well I can assure you that it is a great way of recording … Continue reading

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3rd Day of Christmas–Teaching Tips– Quicker Marking (Smart Marking)

Merry Christmas! I hope that day 3 is going amazing! Remember Christmas has only just started! This is why I’m giving out a gift of a teaching tip a day. Some will be programming related but others may help your … Continue reading

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