Hour Of Code Resources


I have put together a number of resources in aid of the Hour Of Code and I’m excited about what’s to come!!! Many schools have been interested in trialling Touch Develop in their schools since showcasing some of my students work at BETT this year.

If you are new to Touch Develop and you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into, then click here to load this document. It introduces some simple programs and shows you how to add a sprite and a background into an app.

If you need any other guidance or any help with Touch Develop, you can check out my range of videos on my YouTube channel. I have put them in a user-friendly playlist which should be useful.

On top of this, I have put some fun tutorials for you to introduce basics with your students. If you’re using a Surface device or a webcam on your computer. You can create a simple 10 frame stop go animation. You can introduce iteration to your students by drawing an minion using Pixel Art. You can introduce loops and frame refresh with the cookie clicker and there is math involved here. If you’re very new to touch develop, the basic interactive story will allow your students to experiment with a story flashing on the screen and will test for if statements and interaction.

tutorial1 tutorial2
tutorial3 tutorial4

If these are a little difficult for your students, why not try the KS2 scheme of work. Introduce them to the turtle and get your students using loops and repeats.

You can find out more about these scheme of work here : – Touch Develop – Primary School

Secondary Scheme of work : – Touch Develop – Secondary School

Individual Video Tutorials

I hope these resources make a great start to your hour of code! If you have any questions about tutorials, please drop me tweet @lanky_boi_ray

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