Minecraft Programming – Computer Craft

I have recently been at a number of conferences showing people how they can use Minecraft and I have also shown people the MOD known as computer craft. It’s a free mod which can be downloaded from here. It sits in your Minecraft MOD folder. If you’re using MinecraftEDU, you don’t have to do much to enable it. If you’re wanting to use it with regular Minecraft, then you’re going to have to install FORGE which is a little bit trickier. I will do a blog post on this later. The idea of this page is to show you how to get up and running in your school. Most schools have been using MinecraftEDU because of it’s teacher tools. I support these tools and feel that they work effectively in my own classroom.

Attached below is a series of lessons for you to download and use. I have included 3 lessons to begin with and hope to build on these in the near future. To help you get started, I’ve included how to get the MOD working with MinecraftEDU, how to install a computer, how to do a loop and how to build with the MineTurtle. Feel free to use these on your own blogs and websites as long as you reference the resources. They’re available so that you can code and do more with it.

02/04/2015 – First 3 lessons are ready with PowerPoints. More videos to be recorded later on during easter break

04/04/2015 – Show now have 8 video tutorials which help you use Minecraft and get to grips with the basic programming. 

Link Explanation
How to set up your server This lesson introduces you to setting up the server using MinecraftEDU. It also covers some of the basic features of MinecraftEDU and gets you to work as a team.
How to collaborate with information blocks / How to make books This lesson shows you how to give information blocks to your students. You are then able to collaborate with others.
Lesson 1 – PPT – Using Computer Craft
Lesson 1 – YouTube Tutorial
Lesson 1 – User guide for Minecraft
Using computer craft in the classroom. This lesson shows you step by step slides. It walks you through the set of up a flat world.
Lesson 2 – PPT – How to use the Mine Turtle
Lesson 2 – YouTube Tutorial
This introduces you to the Mine Turtle. You can move up, down, left, right and you can place objects as long as you have fuel.
Lesson 3 – PPT – Using For/While Loops
Lesson 3 – YouTube Tutorial
This lesson introduces you to loops and it will save you time. It will help you avoid having to repeat bits of code and it will help you use conditions with your students.
Lesson 4 – YouTube Tutorial – Using Functions This video is the start of a lesson which introduces your students to functions. You can challenge them and see if you can create a list of functions to build different parts of a building.
Lesson 5 – YouTube Tutorial – Using Selection Using Selection, If – This lesson will show you how to take input into a computer and how to output it onto the screen.
Lesson 6 – YouTube Tutorial – Using Selection and Logic Gates / Switches Using Selection, If – This will be used with Logic gates and will focus on programming the computer in computer craft to open based on the username and password. You can get your students to create something more elaborate.

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