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12th Day of Christmas–Periscope

Hi Guys, I decided that I wanted a day off from blogging. I decided to catch up with friends yesterday and I went to visit a friend. Today’s tip is about a tool that you can use the night before … Continue reading

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6th Day of Christmas–Shared Programming through the browser

Today’s lesson comes courtesy of the website codeshare.io while thinking about ways to engage pupils with computer programming, I started thinking that it would be a great idea for students to do some paired programming without having to sit at … Continue reading

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5th Day of Christmas–Teaching Tips–Embedding Python Programming into your PowerPoint

On the 5th day of Christmas, a teacher gave to me! Tips on embedding programming within your PowerPoint presentations. In yesterday’s video tutorial, I showed you how easy it was to record your presentations for flipped learning. Today I’m going … Continue reading

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Touch Develop on the Surface

Hello from Canada! So a few people have asked me whether it is possible to build the applications on the surface. Me and my wife went gadget showing in a local best buy and we wanted to see what tablets … Continue reading

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Computer Science GCSE

So, early last year… you may remember seeing Michael Gove in the news talking about the need for more computer science within schools. With all of these changes up in the air, I felt that it would be good to … Continue reading

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