Touch Develop – KS2


Update 08.07.2015 – Makey Makey lesson included and updated resources to show new interface of TouchDevelop

Recently, many teachers have approached me about how they’re going to teach KS2 computer science in the new school year. I remembered some of the basics I learnt when I was at school. I used a piece of software called MSWLOGO when I was at school. I have been producing some curriculums for TouchDevelop and most of these were aimed at secondary schools.

I decided that I would have a look into how I could simplify some of the basics for KS2. Key Stage 2 need to be able to carry out simple programming such as loops and procedures. I started using the turtle library within TouchDevelop and realised how similar it was to Logo. After playing around with it’s features I have managed to put together something which should be deliverable for years 5 and 6. Once you have got the students logged you can get them drawing shapes and even navigating maps which they have produced. I have included the links to the files below.

There are 5 lessons but these lessons could easily spread over the weeks depending on how you approach the topic. You can download the whole scheme of work here as a single zip file and some complimentary videos. Alternatively, you can download the individual lessons below and you can see what is covered.

Presentation Description Links to other resources
lesson1 This lesson introduces students to the basics of programming. They’re shown how to break down a problem using algorithms. They’re shown this through flow charts and will understand why we need to break down a problem.
lesson2 This lesson introduces the students to the TouchDevelop environment. They are able to move the turtle round to different positions and they’re able to create basic shapes.
lesson3 This lesson introduces students to a number of different activities. They’re taught how to use Loops and Procedures for shapes rather than repeating the same code over and over. They will learn the importance of it.
lesson4 This activity gets students setting their background to a maze. They’re then required to create a single procedure for solving the puzzle.
lesson5 This lesson sums up what the students have learnt and they will need to hand in their homework. They will have drawn some pixel art and they’re required to create procedures such as squares and then reuse the procedures to draw their picture.
lesson5 Makey Makey Lesson – Extra

This lesson introduces libraries to the students and gets them thinking about using other devices with the TouchDevelop environment. This will be particularly useful for those who are looking at the new Micro:bit

1 Response to Touch Develop – KS2

  1. Moomintroll says:

    Touchdevelop seems to have huge potential for KS2, and I love the way you are sharing your resources on here. It would be great to see some other more ‘modern’ tasks, other than logo, which I feel is a bit ‘tired’ – especially for established teachers who could do with a change.

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