Touch Develop Tutorials is a new tool available from Microsoft. The great thing about it is that you can program from any environment, anywhere and anytime. It runs through a html5 browser and you can program simple scripts by tapping on the screen. I have tried this from a Windows phone, Ipad, Ipod and an Iphone and it works across all platforms. It really is a great tool to introduce to students.

Click here to access the scheme of work developed for KS3/KS4

You can download the mapping document for the curriculum by clicking here

Last week at BETT, it was announced that computer science was going to become a part of the Ebacc. With this in mind, I decided to make some video tutorials which would help other teachers in building applications. Whether teachers want to build applications for their subjects, or whether they just want to build their own applications. These tutorials should get you on your way.

Any TouchDevelop user can install, run, edit, and publish scripts. You can share your scripts with other people by publishing them to the TouchDevelop script bazaar, or by submitting them as an app to the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store. I am hoping to build the library up bit, by bit but here are 5 starter activities for you.

To access, you will need a windows live ID, Google account or Facebook account.

Lesson 1–Changing the background
Lesson 2–Building Sprites
Lesson 3–Controlling sprites with loops
Lesson 4–Overlapping Sprites and interaction
Lesson 5– Updating Text
Lesson 6–Functions and Procedures
Lesson 7–String / Array Collection
Lesson 8–Setting up Table Structures / Database
Lesson 9–Update Table and Remove Records
Lesson 10–Touch Develop Logic
Lesson 11–Algorithms

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  1. paul says:

    fantastic stuff

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