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Kinect Quiz for Beta 2

About a month and a half ago, I made a Quiz to use with the Kinect which would allow you to include 10 of your own questions. All you would need to do is edit the text file which goes … Continue reading

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Reflections from my first UK Partners In Learning Forum (2011)

I was introduced to Microsoft Partners In Learning last year through our head teacher Guy Shearer and unfortunately due to being at the beginning of my NQT year it was a bit difficult to fit in everything whilst trying to … Continue reading

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Want to make a basic Kinect SDK App… now you can :)

So I’ve been making the Kinect Apps since the summer and I have been enjoying helping other teachers and seeing the impact it has had. My next step is to encourage other teachers to try and jump into the world … Continue reading

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Kinect SDK Beta 2.0– HELP!!!

So I have decided to make a few tutorials for people to show them how they could build some Kinect Applications themselves. I wanted to make some basic templates which would allow anyone to build an application without too much … Continue reading

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Kinect Image Viewer–Great for Geography!

Recently I had made an application for Alessio Bernardelli which allowed people to zoom in and out on galaxies, however I got thinking about the application in general. Could it be used for everyone if you could change the images … Continue reading

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Kinect Orchestra! – Made using Kinect SDK Beta 2!

Backward Compatibility with previous applications and BETA 2 So the Kinect SDK Beta 2 was released this week and I had mixed emotions. Part of me wanted to scream for joy but the other part had me thinking… oh dear … Continue reading

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